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Introduction To Thai Acupressure

About the video

Thai Acupressure on Video

The complete Video guide
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Thai Acupressure on Video

It’s a pleasure to share with you my love to the Medical Massage of Thailand and present it in a way that will make it easy for you to use the lines and points formulas for the benefit of your patients. This Video guide is exactly what I needed and dreamed of when I learnt the Points formulas of Thai massage. Once purchased, your access is unlimited. You can access the program as many times and as long as you need. All 60 treatment protocols are presented in over 420 short video classes.

Book & Video Combination Discount

English Book guide + English Video guide
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Book & Video Combination Discount

The video course was made to demonstrate and “give life” to the instructions that are in the book Thai Acupressure. Purchase the Book + Video combination to get a $50 refund on the video. If you have purchased the book on this website in the past, write to me to get your $50 discount: info@thaiacu.com. The video is On-Line streaming non-stop. It’s to big for a DVD. 60 DVDs are needed for the full guide.

Thai Acupressure Book

English, Hard Cover
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Thai Acupressure Book

As it is in the book, there are 16 chapters and 60 treatment routines in the video guide. Each treatment routine contains many short video classes: One for Diagnosis, one for Lines and Points Overview and a video Class for each Line and for each Point. To better understand how the program is structured go to your free chapter. It’s best to learn with the book open at your side. Learn with a colleague. You can “fight” over where exactly is the right location, you will get to feel the lines and points on your own body and you will get a reliable feed back as to your pressure.