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Réduction de livre et de vidéo

French, Paper back Book & Video

The Complete Study Kit Guide Book & Video guide to traditional Thai Physical Therapy. A step-by-step guide by Noam Tyroler

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Facts about the Book:

  • French
  • Paper back
  • Product Dimensions cm: 30.5*21.5
  • 14.6 x 11.4 x 1.6 inch
  • 357 color pages
  • 980 gram
  • ISBN - different fo each language
  • 60 traditional medical formulas
  • An Anatomical Atlas
  • 230 acupressure points
  • Over 200 diagrams
  • 800 photos

Facts about the Video:

  • English
  • Sreaming On-Line
  • 30 Hours
  • 16 Chapters
  • 60 Treatment Protocols
  • 60 Diagnosis Video classes
  • 60 Points and lines over view Video classes
  • 230 Points Video classes

What's in this book&video combination?

The Book & Video combination is a complete study kit that presents Medical Thai Massage in a clear and easy to learn manner. The video guide is the entire Thai Acupressure book on video, “live”. This kit is a complete Thai Acupressure course, a close version of my live courses. This kit is made to give you the needed confidence to learn on your own, to put your knowledge into practice and to treat real clients in conditions of pain, but train yourself first with family members, friends and colleagues.


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