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Learn 60 Thai point formulas for orthopedic disorders using
the only existing Book guide and Video Course on this subject

Find below the guidebook Thai Acupressure in English (hardcover) or paperback in Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin and Turkish.
Find also the 30-hour Video Course. It's streaming online and your access is unlimited in any way. The Book & Video combination is the best study kit for the professional therapist and for the serious student.

Here is my new baby
After 24 months of pregnancy, my new “Baby-Guide Book” is out
Thai massage is the ideal, manual method that a woman can hope for in pregnancy, in the birthing room, and in the months that follow birth. The line work, the pressure of key points, squeezing, rotating, mobilizations, and especially the stretches and Yoga-like postures are exactly what she needs. This guidebook presents 25 treatment routines for common pregnancy, labor, and postpartum discomforts. To download the sample chapter, click on the More Information button.