• Table of contents:

    The table of contents will give you an understanding of what is in the book and the issues it covers.

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  • Symbols and language

    The « Symbols and language » page explains the terminology and graphic language of Thai acupressure. In the « Common techniques » page you will see how pressure is applied to the therapy lines and acupressure points.

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  • Free Chapter

    There are 16 chapters in the book. Each chapter contains several different treatment routines (or formulas). In each routine, one page shows a diagram with the formula of acupressure points, and the opposite page explains the treatment procedures. Every chapter begins with an introduction including a brief summary of the possible underlying pathologies treated by the Thai acupressure routines of the chapter, followed by a diagnosis table to help you choose the right treatment routine for the specific condition of your client.

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  • Anatomical Atlas

    The anatomical atlas makes up the second part of the book. It contains 14 sections showing the therapy lines and acupressure points on the different body parts. The lines and points are shown externally, on the muscle groups, and in the skeletal structures (the bones and joints). The anatomical atlas will help you find the exact locations of the points. Knowing how to locate the lines and points of the formulas is an essential basis for the effective application of acupressure.

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Acupression Thaie

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