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For seven years I searched for a book on Thai acupressure but found none. It appears that this is the first book on this subject. It is hard to believe that such a powerful medical practice was never recorded in detail and is preserved only in the memories of a few. Ancient maps with the lines and points do exist, but it is almost impossible to determine the exact locations of the points and how to use them. Only very few knowledgeable practitioners in Thailand understand these archaic maps.

I spent 2 years writing this book. It is the result of 19 years of practice and teaching. Over the years, my students have asked me to write a book outlining this method to guide them in their practice. A major part of the writing was the codification of an oral teaching that included naming the lines and points, defining textually their precise locations, and presenting them graphically in an accurate manner. Another part of the writing involved defining the different orthopedic conditions, their diagnoses, and the relevant treatment procedures. I also created charts showing the correlation between the conditions as defined by Thai acupressure and their modern medical definitions.

I hope this book will make this precious medical teaching accessible to every practitioner of manual therapy who wishes to use it. Throughout the book, I show you how simple and practical this method is.

Precaution. Please use the 60 routines of the book first to treat family members and friends. Once you are familiar with the principles of this simple method and know how to locate the points, you will be able to treat your clients easily using the book as your guide. Please heed all of the precautions in the “Treatment steps” pages and the lists of contraindications and “red flags” in the introductions to the chapters.

Thai Acupressure Book

English, Hard Cover
Practitioners Guide to traditional Thai Physical Therapy

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Acupresión Tailandesa

Libro de tapa blanda en español

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他言語 - ソフトカバー

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