• Routine -21 “Tennis elbow”
  • Routine -22 “Stiffness with pain when bending and straightening the arm”

The treatment of elbow pathologies

This chapter includes two treatment routines. The first one is very effective in treating the well-known common pathology, “Tennis elbow.” The other routine is used to treat several different non specific elbow pathologies involving stiffness and pain. Choose one routine out of the two according to signs relevant to the Thai diagnosis (see diagnosis table), regardless of the western medical definition of the condition. Whenever the symptoms present in your client match the symptoms described by one of the Thai routines, try using it and observe your client’s reaction. If your pressure is welcome by his body, your treatment may give good results. If you notice any improvement, carry on.

Contraindications and warnings

  • Any stretching in an acute condition Careful stretching may be effective in chronic conditions but would be harmful in acute conditions.
  • Pressure on sensitive lines and points that create or aggravate the symptoms
  • Pressure that makes the client shrink or move away from your hands

Red flags If these symptoms are present, the client should be referred to a physician for evaluation.

  • Recent severe trauma
  • Constant or progressive pain
  • Persistent pain without an apparent cause that has appeared suddenly
  • Any acute condition
  • Any unusual signs

Routine - 21 "Tennis elbow" (page 108)

  • Stiffness and pain are located on the outer side of the arm below and above the elbow.
  • Pain increases in different motions and actions of the elbow and forearm pronation, supination, wrist extension and flexion, and while using the hand or arm in different ways.

Routine -22 "Stiffness with pain when bending and straightening the arm" (page110)

  • Stiffness and pain are present when bending and straightening the elbow and while lifting heavy loads.
  • This condition may follow an injury or a prolonged lack of elbow motions such as while the arm is casted following a fracture.