Treatment Routine

The treatment environment

Acupressure treatment may be given on a mattress on the floor, on a bed, on a treatment table, or on a chair when treating upper body ailments. The client is fully dressed. In Thailand, men are sometimes treated with their upper body exposed.

Find the location of the pain and then the movements that create or aggravate it

Ask your client to point to the pain. Ask him to cautiously show you the movements and postures that create or increase the pain. When the pain is thus created or increased, ask him to point again the location of pain. Locating the pain this way is more accurate.

A treatment routine versus a general massage

Unlike a general treatment for the entire body, a treatment routine is aimed at treating an existing disorder, and focuses on only a few select areas, lines, and points (sometimes stretches are also used). The lines and points of a specific routine are the core of the treatment, while other parts of the body are ignored or treated only when time allows.

When your time is limited, use only the combinations of points

Start with the first point of the routine, continue with the second, and then onto the rest of the points. When completing one round, start a second round, and continue repeating the rounds of points until the end of the session time. Each point is pressed for as long as you feel right. That would usually be between 10 to 15 seconds, and at times even longer. The pressure is usually deep and should ideally be the strongest your client can still enjoy.

Full treatment sessions

Ideal treatment sessions last for as long as your client is in need of your pressure. Some disorders can be thoroughly treated within 20 minutes while others should continue as long as improvement occurs, and as long as your client wants more work. Stop when the points become “tired.” An experienced therapist may feel when the points do not need pressure any longer.