Noam Tyroler

In 1989, I took my first Thai massage course in the school of the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. After several years of training, including five additional courses in Thailand, I became a Thai massage practitioner in 1992. Three years later, I opened the Thai massage department at the Reidman international college. This is the largest college for holistic medicine in Israel and one of the largest in the world. Since 1998, I also teach Thai acupressure and have trained hundreds of students in this Thai art. For many years, I have been searching for a book on Thai acupressure. I could not find such a book, and finally decided to write one on my own. I worked full time for two wonderful years writing this book. Writing a course textbook based on an ancient oral teaching is an exciting challenge. I have established the School in 2008 in order to publish the book and future study materials. It’s translated already to Spanish, Mandarin and Turkish and  being translated now to Japanese, French and German.  I hope to translate it also to Russian, Hebrew and Arabic. I have also created a comprehensive 30 hours video guide  and work on a new book – Thai massage in pregnancy and birth. Additional complementary study materials are needed and will hopefully be created in the few next coming years. I hope to make the Medical Massage of Thailand accessible to practitioners of Thai Massage and of any method of manual therapy. I am based in Metula, a small town in Northern end of Israel on our border with Lebanon.
You can contact me with any question at info@thaiacu.com