I have created this web-site to introduce you to traditional Thai Physical Therapy that we call Thai Acupressure. Traditional Thai Physical Therapy is based on acupressure protocols composed of line and point formulas. These acupressure protocols are used in most of Thailand’s Hospitals and you can learn how to use them in your practice to effectively treat your clients pain. You will find detailed instructions in the Guide Book and Video Course.  Also, Please check the website for upcoming workshops. Please contact me with any questions arrow

The missing knowledge

What seems to be missing in the typical Thai Massage training is how to treat specific orthopedic disorders. It is not taught in most schools and cannot be found in books or videos. Our wish is to have every serious Thai Massage student and practitioner have this knowledge available to them so we have created this very detailed book and video to make this possible. I would like to invite practitioners and students of every method of manual therapy to discover and learn this effective and simple “Thai Way” of treating pain.

What is Thai Acupressure ?

Thai Acupressure is the heart of the medical tradition of Thailand. It is not separate from Thai Massage. In Thai “Nuat Rak Sa” means “Massage to take care”. Thai Acupressure, sometimes referred to as “Thai trigger point therapy” is a series of compressions and presses (deep slow pressure) along specific lines and points following a protocol to bring relief to many common ailments and orthopedic disorders.

60 ready-made formulas

Whether you attend a live workshop, take the Video-Course, or use the Guidebook, you will learn the accurate location of 230 specific acupressure points as well as the 60 line/point formulas as delineated by the Wat Po School in Bangkok Thailand. Each formula shows the lines and points to use when treating specific common ailments such as Headaches, Facial Disorders, Shoulder Pain, Elbow, Wrist, Back Pain, Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Ankle and Toe sprains and much more.

How is it practised ?

Thai Acupressure can be incorporated into all styles of bodywork.    In Thailand it is practiced on a mat on the floor and the client usually dressed in loose comfortable clothing. The practitioner uses hands, elbows, fingers, knees and feet and at times other tools as in Haeek (Guwaha) or Tok Sen to work the lines and points. Oil is also sometimes used on the skin. The line and point formulas in Thai Acupressure can be effectively worked whether you practice Thai Massage or any other style of bodywork from Tui Na to Deep Tissue to Swedish massage.

Thai Acupressure courses

  • Full 10 day course 60 treatment protocols
  • 5 day course upper body protocols
  • 5 day course lower body protocols
  • 2 day introduction neck and shoulder protocols

The Guidebook and the Video Course are designed for independent study, though it is recommended that you attend a live 2 day introductory course.